2019 cyber security predictions: What will the big trends in IT security be next year?

There’s still a decent chunk of 2018 remaining, but that hasn’t stopped the first cyber security predictions for 2019 from emerging.

Speaking to HealthDataManagement.com, Ian Kilpatrick, executive vice president of cyber security at Woking-based Nuvias Group, laid out what he thinks will be the ten biggest things to happen in cyber security in 2019.

The first is a rise in crime, espionage and sabotage by rogue nation-states.

“Most organisations are simply not structured to defend against such attacks, which will succeed in penetrating defenses. Cyber security teams will need to rely on breach detection techniques,” says Mr Kilpatrick.

GDPR arrived in May 2018 but we’re still awaiting the first big GDPR penalty. Mr Kilpatrick believes it’ll more than likely arrive in 2019 and when it does, organisations will suddenly begin to look seriously at what they really need to do.

A lack of good housekeeping amongst the majority of organisations could lead to an increase in cloud insecurity as disparate parts of organisations store increasing amounts of unsecured data in the cloud, Mr Kilpatrick reckons.

Additionally, he believes that password theft and password-based breaches will persist as a daily occurrence in 2019 as firms cling to single-factor passwords.

Other predictions include the continued rise of malware and DDoS attacks, a shift in attack vectors resulting in a drive in cyber hygiene growth, and ongoing vulnerability surrounding IoT devices.

Image: lchumpitaz/iStock

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