4 top skills for cyber security graduate jobs

Published on: 15 Aug 2023

Could a career in cyber security be perfect for you? Professionals in this area are in high demand as businesses seek to defend valuable information and assets from malicious threat actors.

However, the need for talented professionals across all sectors means that organisations are forced to compete for new recruits. Ultimately, the market favours jobseekers over businesses with vacant positions, so now could be the perfect time to land your dream role.

If the prospect of protecting digital assets and intelligence from potential breaches is appealing to you,  it’s important to know some of the key skills you’ll need to succeed in the field of cyber security.



A vital skill for any cyber security professional is a comprehensive understanding of coding. This is static, whereas scripting involves making components such as images or text move around.

You’ll need to automate repetitive tasks through languages like PowerShell and Python to boost efficiency within your organisation. As a starting point, Python is one of the most common scripting languages used among cyber security experts and is also easier to learn in comparison to many others.


Risk identification and mitigation

Crucial to your role as a cyber security expert is highlighting vulnerabilities within your organisation and using appropriate measures to mitigate the threat of internal or external manipulation.

Once you understand the areas at risk, you can either develop or outsource a mitigation strategy. This is an ongoing duty that will require consistent monitoring.


Cloud implementation and management

Over the last few years, more and more organisations have shifted to cloud computing and storage, which is both cost-efficient and more accessible. Consequently, cyber security professionals must possess a solid understanding of cloud systems and processes.

You’ll be tasked with monitoring user access, collaborating with IT departments to bolster defence measures and ensuring your organisation’s data storage and sharing is secure, among other responsibilities.


Penetration testing

Penetration testers are cyber security specialists who infiltrate organisations to identify defence flaws that malicious third parties could exploit. These roles are often difficult to hire for, as it’s a niche that involves a very specific skill set.

As a result, pen testing positions can be highly rewarding for the right individuals. They demand a lot of self-assurance, as well as a high degree of knowledge. This area of cyber security could be perfect if you’re a proactive and detail-oriented person.

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