Australia blames China for govt cyber attacks

Published on: 18 Sep 2019

Australia has said it believes state-backed hackers from China were behind a recent cyber attack on its parliament.

Speaking to Reuters, five insiders said the Australian Signals Directorate had found the attackers used the same code and technique recognised from earlier attacks by Chinese hacking groups.

The perpetrators had also targeted major political parties and carefully covered their tracks, leading researchers to conclude China's Ministry of State Security had a hand in the incident and then covered it up.

Following the cyber attack, experts from Britain were sent to Australia to assist investigators in tracking down the hackers.

China is Australia's biggest trading partner, but relations between the two nations have been deteriorating since Australia banned telecoms maker Huawei from supplying equipment for its 5G network.

In response to the allegations, China's Foreign Ministry has denied any involvement and insisted it is also regularly a victim of cyber attacks.