BeecherMadden cyber security salary survey 2018

Published on: 12 Mar 2018

BeecherMadden cyber security salary survey 2018

With so much press about cyber security threats, it is notable that salaries have remained at a similar level since 2015. While there are some exceptions for people with specific skill sets, most roles are no longer paying more year on year. According to the REC, 94% of recruiters predict salaries will increase significantly and BeecherMadden will be interested to see if this does happen in 2018. For the first time since we started our annual salary surveys, obtaining a salary increase has overtaken career progression as a reason for moving jobs. An increase in inflation and effective wage stagnation country wide, may be having an effect on this. With Brexit on the horizon there is slightly less certainty in our economic and financial position. This may be playing high on people’s minds in general.

Lowest and maximum salary, aligned to job title and years of experience from responders

Job title                   Years of experience          Salary bands

Analyst / Associate          1-3                              £28,000-£40,000

Officer / Senior Analyst    3-7                             £40,000-£60,000

Manager                         7-12                             £60,000-£75,000

Senior Manager              7-20                             £75,000-£95,000

Head of                            3-7                              £110,000-£150,000

Director                            7-12                            £120,000-£170,000

Global Head / CISO        12-20+                         £175,000-£450,000

There are certain roles that have seen an increase in salaries. Security architects have seen large increases in the past 2 years, with roles paying up to £110,000 from £90,000 2 years ago. Penetration testers and CHECK team leaders can also command salaries of £100,000+. CISO salaries and those in leadership roles have seen large increases. Candidates in policy led roles, or up to manager level with no specialism, have seen on salary increases. These high demand roles demonstrate that candidates need to develop strong commercial skills, or a technical specialism to get ahead.

By specialist area

Job title                        Years of experience                Salary bands

SOC Specialist                       1-3                                  £35,000-£55,000

Penetration Tester                  2-7                                  £55,000-£90,000

CHECK or eqv qualified        4-12                                 £60,000-£110,000

Data Protection Manager      4-12                                 £60,000-£120,000

Incident Response                 3-7                                  £65,000-£90,000

Security Architect                  7-12                                 £80,000-£110,000

eForensic specialist               4-7                                  £30,000-£65,000

IDAM specialist                       4-7                                  £40,000-£75,000

BeecherMadden saw a 22% increase in cyber security vacancies during 2017, which was above figures quoted by industry press. We feel this increase reflects the preference of organisations seeking to use a specialist recruitment business to assist with their hiring. The roles coming to market in 2017-2018 are becoming highly specific and reflecting the introduction of modern technology.

Daily rates for candidates remain high, with the majority earning over £500 over day. Rates for in-demand roles such as architects, data privacy and pentesters are largely over £650 over day, many achieving £800 per day and beyond. The biggest trend for 2018 is the explosion of contract roles within data privacy. Not surprisingly with GDPR coming into effect this year, organisations have hired high numbers of interim staff, on very attractive daily rates. We expect this to continue past May, as companies refine their processes and find there is still work to be done.

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BeecherMadden is an award winning search and selection business, with a track record of excellence in the recruitment for Corporate Governance, Resilience & Security and Niche Technology. Cyber security salary information as collected throughout 2017/2018 through open requests, interviews and salary survey questionnaires.