EU approves cyber attack sanctions

Published on: 22 May 2019

The European Union has agreed to a set of sanctions that would see the perpetrators of cyber attacks heavily punished for their actions.

Measures were approved last week that would see assets frozen and travel bans imposed on individuals that would effectively see them banned from entering most of Europe, regardless of whether or not they were successful.

It is hoped this new system will make it easier for member states to act when cyber attacks take place.

British foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt said the move amounts to "decisive action", with the UK having been clear that more must be done to deter malevolent state and non-state criminals

"For too long now, hostile actors have been threatening the EU's security through disrupting critical infrastructure, attempts to undermine democracy and stealing commercial secrets and money running to billions of euros," he added.

The new framework applies to hackers perpetrating cyber attacks that are deemed to have a potentially significant impact, as well as anyone who provides them with financial, technical or material support.