Garrison secures almost £23m of funding for ‘world’s first truly secure web browser’

Garrison - a specialist provider of ultra-secure web browsing technology - has raised £22.9 million in additional funds from London-based investors.

Founded in 2014 by David Garfield and Henry Harrison, the company’s unique technology enables users to access all content on the web without any risk of exposing their organisation to cyber attacks.

Instead of relying on a traditional threat detection-based model, it uses techniques to place a gap at the most fundamental electronic level between the internet and the end-user’s device.

This means that malicious web content never comes into contact with the user or their organisation’s IT systems.

Garrison CEO David Garfield explains that in the past, organisations had an imperfect choice of restricting web access and allowing productivity to suffer or running the risk of exposure to hackers.

However, he believes his company - which has nearly doubled in headcount to more than 50 staff in the past 12 months - has the answer. 

"We’ve designed the world’s first truly secure web browser to solve this problem, applying national-security-grade levels of protection to the commercial environment – at an accessible price point – in a way that doesn’t destroy the user experience as employees go about their work,” he says.

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