How to get into Cyber

Published on: 15 Oct 2018

As the UK’s number one specialist cyber security job board, we work with many candidates every day who are new to cyber security and want to find our more about the sector. Our experience is that there is no clear career path into cyber security, despite the misconceptions that surround how to break into the industry.

We’ve recruited individuals from a range of backgrounds, both scientific and humanity focused. What we have found is that an overarching interest in technology is vital.

Many universities now offer a range of relevant courses and you can either choose a specific course as an undergraduate or, if you’re a career professional, find one of the Masters courses available.

It’s also possible to enter the cyber security world simply by starting in a junior role. However, if you want that extra leg-up, we offer a range of entry level training courses that will give you the skills you need to relaunch into your chosen security field.

For those coming into the industry from a different sector, learning the building blocks of IT is fundamental. Ensuring that you are well versed in essentials such as administering and configuring systems, networks, database management and coding is key to creating an effective new career in cyber security.

In terms of where you could be working as you start your cyber security career, unsurprisingly, almost half of all cyber security jobs can be found in digital industries. 20% are in the banking sector and the public sector accounts for about 12% so there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy a career working across a wide range of industries.

To find out more about how to get into cyber security, the training requirements you will need for different roles and the salary you can expect, download our guide to the ‘Top Roles in Cyber Security’ and hack-tivated your new career now!