Huawei doing all it can to avoid European ban

Published on: 8 Jan 2019

Huawei could invest at least £1.58 million overhauling its global software systems in a bid to avoid a ban in the UK and Europe.

Previous fix attempts made by the Chinese tech firm have failed to assuage national security concerns, but the manufacturer seems determined to make its equipment less vulnerable to hacking and snooping.

According to, Huawei will offer to transform the way it engineers software, instead of applying one-off changes and workarounds in response to specific demands from companies and governments, and that work will continue until all security concerns are more settled.

The timing of all this couldn’t be worse. Huawei was on the verge of finalising an order for tens of billions of euros worth of equipment for fifth-generation wireless networks from European phone companies.

This is now under threat as Western governments grow increasingly concerned that Huawei’s systems could be used as a Trojan horse by Chinese intelligence.

Huawei has declined to comment, but has always maintained that it is independent and doesn’t give the government access to its equipment.

Photo: anilbolukbas/iStock