Kaspersky Lab fights US government ban

Published on: 2 Jan 2018

Kaspersky Lab has filed a lawsuit against the White House following the US government’s blanket ban of its anti-virus software.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) ordered US government agencies to remove Kaspersky Lab products from their computer networks within 90 days back in September, amid suspicions that the Russia-based software company was vulnerable to Kremlin influence.

Kaspersky has constantly denied links to any government and insists it would never pursue cyber espionage.

Eugene Kaspersky, chief executive of Kaspersky Lab, said the ban has damaged the company’s reputation.

In a tweet, Mr Kaspersky said the company had “done nothing wrong” and was securing its rights by taking the matter to the courts.

He explained: “[We have] not been provided a fair opportunity in regards to the allegations and no technical evidence has been produced to validate DHS’ actions, [so] it is in the company’s interests to defend itself in this matter.

“Regardless of the DHS decision, we will continue to do what really matters: make the world safer from cybercrime.”

The ban was written into law last week when president Donald Trump signed legislation banning Kaspersky Lab from being used across civilian and military agencies.