Malware could pose threat to electricity grid

Published on: 13 Jun 2017

Cybersecurity companies have discovered a piece of malicious software, which may be able to cause power outages by ordering computers to shut down the transmission of electricity.

The malware, known as Crash Override or Industroyer, may have been used in a December 2016 cyber attack that cut power in Ukraine, Reuters reports.

Authorities in Ukraine have previously blamed Russia for the attacks on its electrical grid, but Moscow has denied any responsibility.

Commenting on the malware, cybersecurity expert Robert M. Lee said that it could cause outages lasting up to a few days in certain regions, but it's not strong enough to bring down a country's entire grid.

He also explained that Crash Override is the second piece of malware that has so far discovered, which is capable of disrupting industrial processes. The first, called Stuxnet, was discovered in 2010. Security researchers widely believe it may have been used by the US and Israel to attack Iran's nuclear programme.