Microsoft invites hackers to help strengthen Edge browser

With the launch of its new web browser Edge imminent, Microsoft has invited hackers to help the organisation ensure the product is as secure as possible.

Anyone who wants a sneak peek of Edge has been invited to download the app, but also to find ways to compromise it, Forbes magazine reports.

There are some serious rewards in place for anyone who reports software vulnerabilities, with up to $30,000 (£24,714) on offer for the hackers who can track down bugs described as 'true showstoppers', such as those that can break out of Edge's sandbox.

Microsoft is keen to ensure Edge is as secure as possible prior to its release - particularly for enterprise environments that may be more vulnerable to cyber attacks - so tests like this can really pay off.

Back in March, security researchers successfully broke into an early version of Edge at the annual hacking competition Pwn2Own, winning prizes for themselves and prompting Microsoft to immediately implement a patch.

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