More cyber security failings for HBO as social media is hacked

Published on: 17 Aug 2017

HBO’s Facebook and Twitter accounts have been compromised in the latest of a string of cyber security woes plaguing the US TV production company.

A group called OurMine - which has hacked high profile Twitter accounts such as Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg - seems to have been behind the latest breach.

The group took control of the main HBO accounts, as well as those for the network's shows including Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley and Veep.

One of the tweets read “OurMine are here. we are just testing your security”, while a Facebook post attempted to get #HBOHacked trending.

Many of the posts that appeared as a result of the breach were removed shortly afterwards.

HBO hasn’t commented on the latest security failing and it doesn’t seem they have any intention of doing so after a frosty spokesperson told the Guardian: “We’re not going to comment every time a new piece of information is released”.

The company has been having a torrid time in regards to cyber security after hackers obtained 1.5TB worth of unaired TV shows following an attack in July, and have demanded a multi-million dollar ransom to keep the shows offline.

Personal details including phone numbers and email addresses of some Game of Thrones stars have also been leaked.