NCSC launches call for cyber security innovation

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has launched a call for new recruits to its Accelerator programme, which aims to create a fresh generation of security products with which to beat hackers and attackers.

It is hoped that ten start-ups will be found as part of the announcement, whose employees will focus on projects that will anticipate the early stages of a cyber attack and solutions to help the necessary stakeholders take action based on intelligence such as vulnerability information.

The NCSC Cyber Accelerator has already mentored a number of tech start-ups, helping entrepreneurs get their 'big break' and enabling the market to identify positive solutions to real-life threats.

Applicants have until April 28th 2019 to apply to be part of the NCSC Accelerator, which runs for nine months at an undisclosed location in Cheltenham and includes a grant, access to experts from GCHQ and the opportunity to meet security professionals from big brands.

An NCSC spokesperson said Britain's intelligence and security services need to evolve to counter emerging threats, something the Accelerator initiative allows them to do.

Earlier this month, the National Police Chiefs Council announced that every police force in England and Wales now has a dedicated cyber crime unit.

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