Online shoppers 'would rather have security than speed'

Published on: 12 Jul 2019

Online shoppers would rather ensure their payment details are safe than see a company focused on having a fast website, a new poll has discovered.

The research, carried out by Equifax in conjunction with YouGov, showed 65 per cent of Britons rate safe and secure payments as most important in the online checkout process.

This was significantly more than the one in ten who were most concerned about speed and simplicity.

Furthermore, three-quarters of those polled said they would accept a slower or less convenient web portal if it meant having better privacy measures - and 45 per cent would be put off using a retailer at all if they had any concerns about online security when paying.

Head of ID and fraud at Equifax Keith McGill said: "It's positive to see so many consumers have security front of mind when they're at the online checkout."

New Europe-wide regulations are set to come into force in September 2019 that will require two-stage verification for online purchases above a certain amount, with this Strong Customer Authentication aimed at tackling fraud.