Online training 'could fill cyber security skills gap'

Published on: 28 Aug 2019

Companies could benefit enormously from ensuring their staff have access to online training in cyber security, according to one expert.

Speaking in an interview with Beta News, founder of virtual IT labs company CloudShare Zvi Guterman said he has seen many organisations struggling to fill cyber security positions with experienced talent.

Even if new staff are recruited from within companies, they must be trained - and Mr Guterman pointed out that many businesses are falling short when it comes to this.

He acknowledged that getting the correct resources in place to provide the most up-to-date training can be a challenge, since courses often require travel and the associated costs of lodging and transport.

However, Mr Guternam suggested the answer to this could lie in online training courses.

"If companies add in the cloud and the right training platform, processes are not only simplified, they become more cost-effective and powerful. No matter the numbers, regardless of where team members are located, materials and training can be delivered," he said.

The expert added that in signing staff up for cloud-based training, employees have their desire for growth fulfilled and the business benefits from having a more knowledgeable security team.

According to recent research from the Enterprise Strategy Group and Information Systems Security Association International, 70 per cent of organisations believe the cyber security skills shortage has had an impact on their company.