Overworked employees 'may be vulnerable to cyber attacks'

People who feel stressed and overworked in their jobs may be more likely to make mistakes that lead to data breaches, a new report has suggested.

According to research carried out by Tessian and the University of Central Lancashire, having too much to do can result in a lack of concentration that may, for example, lead to someone opening an email containing malware.

The study found millennials were most likely to feel overwhelmed and fall victim to cyber security attacks, with one in five having clicked on a phishing email at work - nearly twice the rate seen in other age ranges - and 66 per cent having accidentally sent emails to the wrong people.

In terms of which industries were the most vulnerable, workers in financial services were most likely to have made mistakes that could put digital security at risk. Many attributed this to an expectation to respond to emails quickly.

Chief executive of Tessian Tim Sadler said: "It takes just one mistake - one email being sent to the wrong person or falling for one convincing message - to compromise your company's data and ruin its reputation. Businesses, therefore, need to consider how they can protect their employees."

A previous study published this year found seven out of ten security workers have considered quitting their jobs because they feel overwhelmed by the deluge of attacks.

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