Web users warned of Adobe Flash Player vulnerabilities

Published on: 14 Jul 2017

Adobe Flash Player is a prime target for malicious hackers, according to cyber security experts at WeLiveSecurity.com.

In an article for the website, anyone with the popular program installed should update their software as soon as possible.

The software was once regularly required to view Flash-based media content online, and most users may not even be conscious of its presence on their computer, but as it appears on such a large number of devices, it provides a great opportunity for attackers.

Additionally, many users may be running a long outdated version of Adobe Flash Player, which could mean certain vulnerabilities remain in place, ripe for exploitation.

The WeLiveSecurity piece adds that Flash Player has a long history of malicious hackers finding critical security holes in the software.

“It has been plagued with software vulnerabilities and serious flaws over many years,” it goes on to say.

“Quite why Flash has been targeted so often is open to some debate, but the mere fact that it has suggests that it will continue to be for some time to come.”