WhatsApp targeted by hackers again

Published on: 22 Nov 2019

WhatsApp has once again been targeted by hackers, this time in an attempt discovered by security researchers to steal messages, pictures and other private information.

The bug, described as a 'stack-based buffer overflow' sends a video file containing malicious code to users' accounts. When the video is downloaded - which can occur automatically - the account is infected and data can be stolen.

It is a vulnerability that affects all major platforms, as well as both home and business versions of the software.

WhatsApp has acknowledged the bug and quietly issued a fix last month. Although it insists there has been no evidence of data being stolen, owner Facebook has advised users to ensure they have the latest version of the app running and to disable automatic video downloads.

In October this year, WhatsApp was targeted with malware-loaded gifs that also aimed to steal financial details, personal files and chat history.