Why a career in Cyber Security?

Published on: 8 Oct 2018

Our reliance on the digital world means the cyber security sector is now highly in demand and the skills possessed by those in the area are extremely well sought after.

Jobs in cyber security are varied, dynamic and challenging. As security becomes more sophisticated, so do the techniques of hackers trying to break down the measures in place. The sector is fast-paced and ever-evolving due to the constant cat and mouse games between those protecting systems and those attempting to launch digital attacks.

From Russian interference in national elections to the 2017 Wannacry ransomware attack that shut down computers in more than 80 NHS Trusts in England, cyber security is a prominent feature in today’s news. Organisations are hurriedly trying to safeguard themselves from devastating - and potentially life threatening - incidents.

People working in cyber security have a range of experience, with some beginning their cyber security career straight from university whilst others have worked in other sectors before changing. The unifying factor is that they all have an interest in technology. 

Many universities now offer a selection of courses relating to cyber security or you can complete an entry-level training course to help you land your first job in the industry.

Due to the demand for people to work in cyber security, the salaries are expected to rise by 7% during 2018. An average cyber security salary is around £72,500 but salaries vary depending on the job, with a cyber security analyst earning between £45,000 to £70,000 whilst a Chief Information Security Officer can earn up to £400,000.

If the prospect of working on the frontline of the online world, in a demanding, challenging and exciting environment appeals to you, or if you love problem-solving then cyber security could be the perfect career for you. Find out more about the wide variety of roles and how to get into them in our new guide ‘Top Roles in Cyber Security’