Zoom CEO says they are making progress on cyber security and privacy

Published on: 2 Jul 2020

The company's CEO, Eric Yuan, has delivered an update on progress as the embattled video-conferencing company takes huge steps to enhance the security of its core product, which shot to global prominence when the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic forced millions of people to start working from home.

Yuan pledged a number of enhancements to address security and privacy within Zoom back on 1st April. This was to be delivered over a 90-day programme when they started to realise a number of security features were lacking. 

“During the first few months of 2020, the Zoom team worked around the clock to support the tremendous influx of new and different types of users on our platform,” said Yuan. “The sudden and increased demand on our systems was unlike anything most companies have ever experienced.

Yuan added: “This period has brought about meaningful change at our company and made the safety, privacy and security of our platform central to all we do, as we strive to be worthy of the trust customers place in us. I am proud of, and humbled by, the role Zoom has played in connecting the world in crisis, and in all that our team has accomplished in the past 90 days to better secure our platform.

“But we cannot, and will not, stop here. Privacy and security are ongoing priorities for Zoom, and this 90-day period, while fruitful, was just a first step. Throughout this report, I have provided information on new processes and people that will help Zoom on our journey to becoming the most frictionless and secure video-communications platform in the world.”