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  • Making your employees aware of the cyber threats they might face, both at work and at home, is an invaluable exercise. On its own, this activity is certainly not going to make your organisation impervious to cyber-attack. In truth, nothing will.
  • I can imagine for anyone writing a CV after a long period of employment it is a daunting prospect – where on earth do you start? For others, it may be that your CV is not getting you the interviews that you deserve, and it may be time for an update
  • What are the most common passwords of 2016 and how can individuals avoid being hacked?
  • The widening cyber security skills shortage: How could it affect you? Adrian Adair, Operations Direction at Morson International, explains how the exponential growth of IT has transformed the cyber security industry and what this means for cyber security professionals.
  • As I make my way to another workshop dedicated to diversity, it seems the need to employ those who make up 50% of the population (us women) aren’t the only kind of diversity the industry is considering.
  • The Christmas hangovers are starting to clear, every advert on TV seems to tell me that I need to begin the 2017 diet (maybe it’s a sign!) and Meryl Streep turned into Tyson, firing punches at Mr Trump in her Golden Globe speech.
  • I've seen many articles and many discussions recently about whether there's a cyber security skills shortage or not. I thought I'd share my thoughts on the topic.
  • Cyber security is one of the fastest developing industries in the world. The number of cyber-attacks rises year on year and cyber criminals are not only becoming more audacious with their attacks but are becoming more organised as well.
  • It is no surprise that there is an ever-increasing requirement for more Cyber Security professionals globally, as we continue to embrace the rapid movement of improving technology, and as cyber-attackers become progressively persistent.