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  • Gadget-makers face ban on easy-to-guess passwords

    • 16 Jul 2020

    Internet-connected gadgets will have to come pre-set with a unique password, or require the owner to set one before use, as part of plans for a UK cyber-security law.

  • CIISec Innovation webinar registration now open

    • 15 Jul 2020

    CIISec Innovation webinar registration now open

  • 82 Percent Say Security Budgets Not Keeping Pace with Rising Threat Levels

    • 15 Jul 2020

    82 Percent Say Security Budgets Not Keeping Pace with Rising Threat Levels

  • Why the Seven Personae of Cyber?

    • 14 Jul 2020

    Why the Seven Personae of Cyber?

  • Brainteaser 13/07/2019

    • 13 Jul 2020

    Can't play it

  • Worries raised over cyber security risk at Crossrail

    • 9 Jul 2020

    Minutes taken from a project sponsor’s board meeting reveal consultant’s warning that a ‘technical resource capability’ needs to be addressed.

  • GCHQ Brainteaser - 06/07/2020

    • 6 Jul 2020

    What next?

  • Zoom CEO says they are making progress on cyber security and privacy

    • 2 Jul 2020

    Three months since they were hit by a spate of security incidents, Zoom's CEO, Eric Yuan, has been discussing progress towards a more secure product.

  • Coronavirus: Cyber security spend to slow in 2020

    • 22 Jun 2020

    As the Coronavirus pandemic continues, analysts revise previous growth targets for security technology.

  • Cosmetics company Avon offline after cyber attack

    • 19 Jun 2020

    Avon representatives are left unable to place orders after the company’s back-end systems went offline a week ago.

  • Honda’s global operations hit by cyber-attack

    • 15 Jun 2020

    Honda say they are dealing with a cyber-attack that is impacting its operations around the world.

  • Get CCSP Online Self-Paced Training Only $495 – Prepare to Become a Certified Cloud Security Professional

    • 8 Jun 2020

    Looking for a new challenge? Now’s the time to prove your mastery of cloud security with the Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) certification. For a limited time, (ISC)² is offering Official CCSP Online Self-Paced Training for only $495 (normally priced at $749).

  • CISSP Online Self-Paced Training Only $561 for a Limited Time

    • 8 Jun 2020

    Are you aspiring to be a CISSP? (ISC)² is here to help you stay on track to achieving your CISSP certification. For a limited time, get Official (ISC)² CISSP Self-Paced Training for only $561 (normally priced at $849) to help you confidently prepare for the rigorous CISSP exam.

  • Armed Forces announce launch of first Cyber Regiment

    • 4 Jun 2020

    The Army have launched a new Cyber Regiment to protect frontline operations from digital attacks as Defence continues its modernisation to combat the threats of tomorrow.

  • Half of all remote workers are risking cyber security

    • 28 May 2020

    New research has found that almost half of all office workers have admitted they are less likely to follow safe data practices when working from home.

  • EasyJet cyber attack hacks data of nine million customers

    • 22 May 2020

    EasyJet have admitted that a ‘highly sophisticated cyber-attack’ has affected approximately nine million customers.

  • Top Skills for Aspiring Cybersecurity Professionals

    • 20 May 2020

    Cybersecurity is a booming industry with millions of jobs. In the last five to ten years, the need for professionals with the right skills has become clear because of the sudden increase in cyberattacks.

  • Coronavirus: Top 10 In-Demand Cybersecurity Jobs

    • 18 May 2020

    Coronavirus has prompted a shift towards heightened cybersecurity and IT executives are placing more emphasis on security operations, risk management, intrusion detection, and network monitoring.

  • Coronavirus app scam warning ahead of national roll-out

    • 14 May 2020

    Building a contact-tracing app that aims to help the UK emerge from lockdown has been a huge effort and something that has been done largely in private.

  • Nightingale Hospital Birmingham

    Cyber-attacks hit hospital construction companies

    • 13 May 2020

    This month, two companies involved in building emergency coronavirus hospitals have been hit by cyber-attacks.