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  • Speed matters - why incident response times could make or break a security response

    • 16 Nov 2021

    Improving security incident response speeds is vital in protecting firms from cyber crime. What skills will they need to achieve this?

  • Dealing with the weakest link in your cyber security - your users

    • 19 Oct 2021

    What do cyber security pros need to be aware of to tackle the risks posed by human error?

  • The skills firms need to tackle ransomware

    • 17 Jun 2021

    Cyber security pros with the right skills to tackle ransomware will be in high demand among employers.

  • Are you an (Ethical) Hacker?

    • 10 Aug 2020

    Cyber security is a growing industry as more and more businesses are waking up to the reality of their responsibility to ensure that their clients’ information  is kept safe and secure.

  • Are you a Scientist?

    • 10 Aug 2020

    In war, there are always two sides: the attackers and the defenders.  A less focused on group is the researchers and developers.  While soldiers are fighting a war on the front lines, scientists and engineers are researching and developing new weapons, defences and tools; things that give their side an advantage.

  • Are you a Firefighter?

    • 5 Aug 2020

    Are you a Firefighter? A firefighter would be working in the Cyber Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT). Any company with an online presence makes it a vulnerable global target to cyber threats with a challenging cyber-attack landscape pursued by  an intelligent and evolving enemy. 

  • Are you a Defender?

    • 3 Aug 2020

    A Defender could work in a Global Security Operation’s team who are responsible for monitoring security and managing security incidents across the globe

  • Are you an Advisor?

    • 27 Jul 2020

    Are you an Advisor?Working closely with a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), an Advisor will have a strong blend of technical ability, communication skills and cyber security experience.

  • Are you a Strategist?

    • 20 Jul 2020

    Are you a Strategist? Qufaro in association with Deloitte have recently launched a series of blogs identifying the 7 personae of cyber security. 

  • 82 Percent Say Security Budgets Not Keeping Pace with Rising Threat Levels

    • 15 Jul 2020

    82 Percent Say Security Budgets Not Keeping Pace with Rising Threat Levels

  • Cyber criminals 'increasingly targeting chief executives'

    • 22 Apr 2020

    Heads of large firms could increasingly be targets of ransomware demands, research suggests.

  • Cyber attackers taking advantage of Zoom usage boom

    • 22 Apr 2020

    Criminals are targeting Zoom users as the app helps people stay connected during the global pandemic.

  • Cyber attack prevention likely to be better than cure

    • 22 Apr 2020

    Businesses may still be too focused on clearing up after cyber security breaches, new research has found.

  • Hacking incident on nursing home demonstrates threat of ransomware

    • 4 Dec 2019

    Ransomware could prove deadly if used against hospitals and nursing homes.