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  • Understanding digital forensics

    • 7 Jan 2021

    Digital forensics is one of the fastest-growing roles in cyber security. But what does this involve, and what skills will you need to be successful?

  • Half of all remote workers are risking cyber security

    • 28 May 2020

    New research has found that almost half of all office workers have admitted they are less likely to follow safe data practices when working from home.

  • Coronavirus: Top 10 In-Demand Cybersecurity Jobs

    • 18 May 2020

    Coronavirus has prompted a shift towards heightened cybersecurity and IT executives are placing more emphasis on security operations, risk management, intrusion detection, and network monitoring.

  • Microsoft leaves Windows 7 behind - but hackers may not

    • 15 Jan 2020

    Hackers could enjoy open season on Windows 7 machines, cyber experts are warning.

  • Cyber security 'should be a whole company focus'

    • 6 Dec 2019

    Everyone from the top down should be involved in cyber security, two experts have said.

  • Cyber guidance issued for small businesses

    • 22 Nov 2019

    SMEs should hit the ground running when it comes to cyber protection, one organisation has said.