Consultant Data Engineer

BAE Systems.
03 Jan 2019
22 Mar 2019
Job Role
Data Protection
Job Type

1. Role Details
Consultant Data Engineer

Data Consulting

2. Role Purpose
To work as part of a client side team that defines and resolves complex data collection and data integration issues ( i.e. ETL - Extract, Transform and Load design and development ) to make data and information available to decision makers, internal and external interfaces and real time decision procedures with operation systems and delivery channels.
The Consultant Data Engineer specialises in helping clients within large scale projects and programmes to help shape specific solutions. However, they will also need to develop a holistic view of the organisation.
Consultant Data Engineers will often work closely with Enterprise Data Architects.

3. Common Role Accountabilities
  • Designs, develops, tests and supports data collection, data integration and ETL applications to make information and data available to key client stakeholders and technical interfaces.
  • Understands where the need for tight data controls arises to ensure seamless data flows around the organisation and to minimise future change.
  • Models data requirements, data sources and data flows to bring order and structure to programmes of work.
  • Defines how and where data is created, mastered and destroyed to ensure proper control over the lifecycle of corporate data assets.
  • Understands how to add value to data - for example through data cleansing.
  • Understands categories of products (and individual examples) that can be used to collect, integrate, store, visualise and govern data and metadata.
  • Defines metadata to provide searchability and governance (including Records Management) for unstructured data.

4. Grade/Level Specific Accountabilities
Consultant Data Engineer
  • Undertake data mapping design activities to determine how data is mapped from source to target data sources within individual ETL application components.
  • Undertakes data analysis and data profiling activities to identify data quality issues that could impact the design of individual ETL application components.
  • Designs the appropriate data models that are needed within ETL application components.
  • Develops and tests individual ETL application components.
  • Helps support complete ETL applications and frameworks.
  • Can utilise a number of ETL tools including Informatica, Ab Initio, Oracle ODI and a number of the Big Data / Open Source Applications.
  • Designs and develops BI reporting solutions.
  • Identifies and manages reference data (internal and external).
  • Works under the supervision of a Senior Consultant Data Engineer.

5. Skills & Knowledge
  • ETL Tool capabilities
  • Ab Initio, Informatica and Oracle ODI
  • Big Data / Open Source ETL Tools
    • Database Management Systems
    • Application Testing Tools
    • Configuration Management and Version Control Tools
    • Testing strategies and tools
    • Infrastructure design

Company information

We help nations, governments and businesses around the world defend themselves against cybercrime, reduce their risk in the connected world, comply with regulation, and transform their operations.  We do this using our unique set of solutions, systems, experience and processes - often collecting and analysing huge volumes of data.
We employ over 4,000 people across 18 countries in the Americas, APAC, UK and EMEA
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