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11 Feb 2019
28 Mar 2019
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Technology has always been at the heart of what we do and deliver at EY. We need technology to keep an organization the size of ours working efficiently. We have 250,000 people in more than 140 countries, all of whom rely on secure technology to be able to do their job every single day. Everything from the laptops we use, to the ability to work remotely on our mobile devices and connecting our people and our clients, to enabling hundreds of internal tools and external solutions delivered to our clients. Technology solutions are integrated in the client services we deliver and is key to us being more innovative as an organization.

EY Technology supports our technology needs through three business units:

Client Technology (CT) - focuses on developing new technology services for our clients. It enables EY to identify new technology-based opportunities faster, and pursue those opportunities more rapidly.

Enterprise Workplace Technology (EWT) - EWT supports our Core Business Services functions and will deliver fit-for-purpose technology infrastructure at the cheapest possible cost for quality services. EWT will also support our internal technology needs by focusing on a better user experience.

Information Security (Info Sec) - Info Sec prevents, detects, responds and mitigates cyber-risk, protecting EY and client data, and our information management systems.

Job Title: Process and Operations Manager
Job Rank: Assistant Director
Function: Data Office
Sub Function: Data Ecosystem
Scope: Global

Job Summary: Data Operations Manager

As Process and Operations Manager (POM) you will become a key member of Ernst & Young's Global Data Office (GDO). Within the Data Ecosystem Pillar (DE) you will be responsible for deploying key Data processes that pertain to the sourcing, management, development and consumption of data assets across EY. This will require close collaboration with each of other pillars within GDO, EY's Service Lines, Regions, IT Services, CBS Data Office, GDS and other key stakeholder groups with EY.

Working with the Data Strategy and Ops Lead, the POM will implement components of the GDO's data strategy, built on the following principles:
  1. EY must maintain a high degree of trust with our clients data across both Inputs and Outputs:
    • Inputs (Sourcing): Data supplied by EY clients will be rationalized into information value chains that are treated in accordance with legal, regulatory, contractual and professional standards.
    • Outputs (Usage): Information value chains will be ethically leveraged to maximize value across a number of commercial patterns to enhance client services and create new market opportunities.
  2. All data available in the data ecosystem can be utilized across all service offerings and business models subject to usage and access restrictions
  3. Separate Supply and Demand: Supply (Ingestion) will largely be decoupled from Demand as supply is driven by availability of sources
  4. Data alliances are key to gain critical mass: It will be difficult for EY to rely entirely on collected and purchased data.
  5. Data will be managed by source system: Each source system will have a roadmap to meet Demand requirements.

Essential Functions of the Job:
  • Develop, document and manage processes for the acquisition and management of external data sources
  • Ensure that data is updated, quality procedures are followed issues reported, addressed and followed up.
  • Develop clear documentation on the data required to request decisions for Organization intelligence of different client use cases.
  • Support the creation of documentation describing Organization Intelligence and Data discovery products
  • Monitor the consumption of data against the 5C Trust classification
  • Monitor the classification of data entering the data ecosystem
  • Follow standards, policies and processes regarding data quality management
  • Operate data remediation plans where data fails to meet required standard:
  • Ensure reports are provided to Market activation, service lines and clients which document data quality based in each use case deployment.
Operational Management and Decision Making Responsibilities:
  • Monitoring data quality process,
  • Updating a Data Quality dashboard highlighting key issues
  • Monitor and track data quality issues, and work with other team members to develop remediation plans
  • Ensure that data quality is an integral part of new solution developments and use case deployments
  • Providing documentation on product consumption and usage
  • Ensuring data quality requirements are built into our data acquisition approach

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:
  • Exceptional documentation, process management with good written and verbal communication
  • Attention to detail and ability to focus and address specific business issues as they arise
  • Operational familiarity in the use of data within analytical and operational systems
  • Hands-on operational management and change management.
  • Experience in managing enterprise data assets in a large, complex organization
  • Ability to analyze complex situations and to derive workable actions
  • Ability to constructively challenge requirements and current state to increase overall value to the firm
  • Strong relationship building skills
  • Ability to understand and integrate cultural differences and motives and to lead virtual cross-cultural, cross-border teams
  • Flexibility to adjust to multiple demands, shifting priorities, ambiguity and rapid change

Team Responsibilities:

At EY we believe that it is important for the Data Office to be a multi-disciplinary. This requires that you demonstrate your ability to operate within a diverse team and expand your area of influence beyond "traditional data management". To satisfy these objectives, your team responsibilities will include:
  • Contribute to the Data Governance team to execute the charter of the GDO
  • Engage with internal stakeholders where there will be influence but not always authority
  • Work independently sometimes with limited minimal guidance
  • You take responsibility to align with others to meet the goals of the team and organization.
Other Requirements:

Moderate travel
Given the Global nature of the role and in order to meet project commitments and/or preparing materials for internal and external clients, a flexible working approach requiring work outside core house may sometimes be required. Overtime may be required as per country overtime policy

  • A wide variety of degrees and backgrounds will be considered but a typical candidate may have a Bachelor's degree in a relevant domain such as business management, communication or related technical field,
  • However, work experience will be of equal, if not greater, importance

  • A minimum of 5 years relevant work experience in data quality management, working with off shore teams, data quality and governance, systemdesign and implementation
  • Demonstrated experience in developing and operationalizing data based guidelines, policies, procedures, and standards,
  • Demonstrated ability to build cross-functional relationships that result in adoption of organizational change,
  • Appropriate level will be determined based upon experience and knowledge
  • Experience of having been engaged within a multi-cultural, multi-disciplined, globally dispersed team
  • See above for knowledge and skill requirements

Certification Requirements:
Any process, systems and quality management certification from an Applicable Vendor or Industry certification is preferred but not mandatory

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