Identity & Access Management (IAM)

Maassluis (Stad), Zuid-Holland (NL)
27 Jan 2021
24 Feb 2021

Description of the  company

A   sustainable,  profitable  and  pleasant  future  for  a dairy farmer  by  combining robotisation,engineering  and farmer knowledge.  That's what we believe  in.

That started  72  years  ago  with  a  dream of two  brothers  in  Maassluis. Since then,  we  have been an innovative  leader  in  automated  systems  for dairy farmers around the  world. With 1,600 specialized professionals,  we are constantly  working on  new  agricultural  revolutions.  We  do   this both  from  our  Campus in  Maasluis  (the  building with the highest  achievable  sustainability performance of the  Netherlands), but  also  from  other  international  locations. Together we aim  to  make dairy farming interesting  for  the next  generation.

Job description

At Lely  we  call ourselves  'farming innovators'  and  not  for  nothing,because we are   ahead  in the  market  with  technical  revolutions. That  means  that  we  switch quickly  and  always  move  quickly  to  the  development of the  following  innovations. The  danger then is  that    chores  will be left.   And   that's   where   you're  going to  help us.

What are you  going to do?

In 2021, we  will launch a large-scale  IAM project  within the Team IT Operations to clean up and  straighten  out a lot.  From the IAM   Administrator we  expect to   create a  design of the  different  role models  and  what    happens  when  a  new  employee  starts,  leaves  or  changes positions within  Lely.  To  do this,  you  use   a  Function  Authorization Matrix (RBAC). You  ensure  that  these  processes  are  well  linked  to  the  existing  applications  that Lely    uses,  such as  a  sales system  (Salesforce), HR  system  (AFAS)  and  many  more  applications.

Job requirements

You have  knowledge of IAM  and   like  to get into  this  big  project. Given  the  complexity  and   impact of  this   project, it is  important  that you bring the  following  to  be   successful  in  this  position. Of course,  you  will also  have  the  opportunity  to  further  develop  your  knowledge  at  Lely:

  • a completed  bachelor's  degree;
  • you are experienced  with:
    • designing and  managing   a role model  and  the Authorization   Matrix (RBAC) function;
    • (by) developing,  improving  and  managing  the IAMprocess
    • managing  links  with  different  target systems  (within  Lely:  among  others  AFAS, Salesforce, Active Directory);
  • Knowledge and  experience   managing  the Active Directory  and Azure Active Directory;
  • Authorisation  and  authentication architecture  (including  management);
  • Knowledge and  experience  with  Powershell; Exchange, Intune  and  HelloID  (Tools4Ever);
  • Are you a  team player,  organizational  sensitive  and  a  connector;
  • Result-driven and  solution-oriented is   essential  to  be successful    in  this  project;
  • Good communication  skills in  both  Dutch  and English is  a  must.

Additional information

Because of our  innovative  culture,  we  are  always on  the move  and  that  means  that  there  are  a  lot of  challenges  within the IT Operations  department. This  is  your  chance  to    become part    of  this  ambitious  and  successful  team. Furthermore...

  • You will   start working with  an  enthusiastic  and  ambitious  team;
  • Working in  an  international  environment  at  one of the most  innovative  organisations in the  Netherlands;
  • You will    work in the most sustainable  office  and production location  in  Europe;
  • Freedom in  organizing  your own  work;
  • A good  salary  that fits    the  challenge  in  relation  to  your  knowledge  and  experience;
  • Salary scale that  runs  to  4600, -  where  we  would like to  see    you    grow ;
  • 27 holidays  and  13  schedule-free  days;
  • the possibility to sell 6  days free of a     period of time per  year;
  • flexibility in  working hours  and  workplace;
  • compensation in various  insurance premiums;
  • Lely Academy with a  range  of  different  courses that you  can  follow without  obligations;
  • Company restaurant with  a  rich  and  healthy  offer;
  • Working in  an  enthusiastic  and  ambitious  team.

In order   to respond  to  the  food  challenge  for  2050, it is  very  important  to  continue to deal  responsibly  with  humans,  animals  and the environment . For    us,  it  means that  we  want to  be a  reliable  long-term  partner  for  our   customers. And  in addition, we want    to pass the  world  on  to  the  next  generation  by developing our  products sustainably.  You  can    contribute  to  realizing     this  dream.

In addition, also Family Business  of the  year  2019, Great Place to Work  certified  and    much  more...


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