Digital Forensics

Digital Forensic Analysts

 £38 – £65k

Digital forensic analysts combine their computer science background with detective skills to recover information from computers and storage devices. Analysts are responsible for assisting law enforcement officers to solve cybercrimes by retrieving evidence.

  • Most digital forensics experts work for computing companies, specialist consulting firms or law enforcement organisations at all levels of government
  • Digital forensics roles can be laboratory, field or office based and will need expertise in software and hardware.

Training to Explore

“I think in the current technology climate you cannot be a forensic investigator nine to five. Aside from any training you are given, one of the best things to have is an interest in technology outside the office - otherwise you are probably in the wrong job. Keeping up on tech news, the newest hardware or the latest ‘features’ may have an impact on what data you will have access to.”

Josh Ramskill, Digital Forensic Investigator, West Yorkshire Police

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