How to find cyber security jobs in London

Cyber crime is on the rise, with criminals consistently finding new methods to gain unauthorised access to confidential data, information and assets. As a result, organisations across industries are on the lookout for the best cyber security talent to bolster their digital defences.

The CyberEdge 2022 Cyberthreat Defense Report revealed that 81.4 per cent of British businesses had fallen victim to at least one attack in 2021, up from 71.7 per cent the previous year. Moreover, the government’s Cyber Security Sectoral Analysis 2022 estimated 1,838 cyber security firms to be active in the UK, with 33 per cent of those registered in the Greater London area, more than any other region in the country.


Cyber security jobs in London

London isn’t just the largest cyber security hub in the UK - according to the International Telecommunication Union’s Global Cybersecurity Index, it’s the best city in Europe for industry professionals.

Home to the likes of BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin and Thales to name just a few, London offers a significant amount of employment, networking and investment opportunities for those within the cyber security industry.


What can you earn in cyber security jobs?

Cyber security is well known for offering lucrative salaries to professionals with relevant skills and experiences. Glassdoor figures estimate the average salary within the sector to be £41,985 per annum, whilst in London it’s higher at £44,543. 

Those who excel in their field and accede to senior positions can often find themselves receiving over £100,000. The UK Cybersecurity Salary Survey 2023 showed significant pay rises in the last year for roles including incident response, identity and access management and governance, risk and compliance.


What jobs can I do in cyber security?

Cyber security is an incredibly varied and interesting field to work in. One of the most appealing aspects for jobseekers right now isn’t just the large number of vacancies, but also the global talent shortage of skilled professionals to fill those roles. These two factors work together to tilt the market in your favour, so if you’re interested in the sector and possess the right proficiencies and experiences, it’s now better than ever to apply to cyber security positions.

In terms of specific roles within the industry, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of job titles. According to the Cyber Security Skills in the UK Labour Market 2022 report, the five most sought-after positions by employers are:

These roles are the most common in the UK at the moment, but some additional areas you should consider researching include:


Where can I find cyber security jobs in London?

Whilst the industry offers such a wide array of different roles, one thing they all have in common is that professionals benefit from above-average salaries, fantastic career opportunities and high levels of job satisfaction.

To start the search for your next position, head to a specialised job board like You can also register your CV so that recruiters can view your skills and experience before reaching out to you directly if you meet their requirements.

Browse our latest cyber security vacancies in London today to take the next step in your career.